Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Japan

For coming Tokyo Olympic events, Japan is opening its door to many travellers, especially for Muslim visitors. It is forecasting that 8mil Muslims will be visiting Japan in 2020 year only. To ease those Muslims’ needs and facilitate their stay in Japan, more and more Hotels and Ryokans are trying to become more Muslim-Friendly by offering accommodations with praying rooms with matts, Qiblah compass and Quran book, Halal menu and others.

Most of the Hotels are located in Tokyo, but they are keep increasing in other part of Japan too.

Please find more about Muslim-Friendly Hotels here. Below are some of them:

Shinjuku Prince Hotel, Shinjuku

The hotel provides praying mat and Qiblah compass in their rooms, ensuring the comfort of their Muslim guests.

Shinjuku Prince is located 5 minutes away from Shinjuku Station, which is connected to the JR Yamanote line, ensuring easy access for your complete sight-seeing experience in Tokyo.

Agora Place Asakusa

The “Asakusa Grill Berg” cafe and dining, located in the lobby of Agora Place Asakusa, offers “Muslim Welcome Morning Plate” that you can reserve at the front desk. The dishes for “Muslim Welcome Morning Plate” are made by Halal-certified Samurai Kitchen, which also makes halal bento and catering for pick-up. The hotel also provides rental praying mats and Qiblah compass along with offering Muslim-friendly souvenirs.

Agora Place Asakusa is located 10 minutes away from the famous Asakusa tourist attraction, Senso-ji Temple, Agora Place Asakusa could be one of the best options for you to stay during your visit to Tokyo. 

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

The hotel offers Halal Japanese and Western bento boxes. The Halal food Certification is offered by the Japan Islamic Trust. Richmond hotel also provides designated place for Wudhu in the bathrooms.

This luxurious 5 star hotel is ocated near Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa’s Senso-ji Temple, perfect place for your sightseeing experience.

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

They offer Halal menu, which consists of halal food from different countries such as Egypt, India, Malaysia, and many more. Sakura Hotel Hatagaya also provides praying rooms equipped with praying mats, praying schedule, and an arrow pointing to Qiblah on the ceiling.

Sakura hotel is located 1 minutes away from the Hatagaya station and is convenient place to stay at during your travel as it is also located close to Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku which is the must-see places during your visit to Tokyo. The hotel is also located near the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture center, which is also worth checking.

Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Tokyo is offering Halal Menu for its guests. It is certified by Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs. This hotel also provides praying mats and Qiblah compass in the guest rooms.

Sheraton Miyako Hotel is located 4 minutes from the Tokyo Metro Shirokanedai station, which is also located near one of Tokyo’s tourist attraction.